Freedom And The Pursuit Of Identity. From The Beginning

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Freedom and the Pursuit of Identity From the beginning of the novel, Antoine battles the governing forces of both the absolute and the relative for any aspect of individuality in an overwhelmingly meaningless world. He fights passionately and dizzily against the physical nausea that stirs in him, existence being both superfluous and erratic, and the unscrupulous monster (time) that conspires against freedom. Throughout the novel, Sartre never directly defines freedom because doing so would be contradictory to freedoms organic and unnamable nature, leaving the reader to discover freedom alongside Antoine. Antoine, after acknowledging his innate purposelessness, realizes that within the insignificance of life lies the potential for…show more content…
At the end of the novel Antoine understands that human beings are the unintentional consequence of meaningless existence. However, his journey through the novel has taught him to no longer allow absolute purposelessness to consume him and to not drown in the nausea the way he had been doing for so long. Roquentin comes to terms with the nothingness that manifests into his life as deep existential agony. The aimless essence of the universe is actually what inspires action regardless of its futility and in the end, Antoine understands that he must accept his inability to understand existence and that he doesn’t have to understand it. He begins the process of pulling himself out of the relentless war between the boundaries of his mind and the boundless nature of existence and decides that he should create art. He finds that art is not a distraction from existence but a means of survival in a blurry reality. He enacts his freedom to individual identity by writing a novel and in essence defeating the atrocious aspects of existence that have haunted him by no longer devoting his life to them. In order for Antoine’s life to have any true intentionality, he must kill the overpowering ego in him that craves enlightenment and accept his humanity. As Nausea comes to a close, Antoine says that: “[he
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