Freedom Of Choice : South Africa

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Libertaria seeks to create absolute freedom for its people. In South Africa, people are free in numerous ways for instance South Africans are free to express themselves, go wherever they want, and follow any religion. Furthermore, Libertarians believe in freedom of choice which is the same belief occurring in South Africa. Freedom plays a major role in South Africa’s Bill of Rights, and is a reoccuring theme throughout South African laws and politics.

The economic issue in Libetaria is that the poor only get poorer while the rich only get richer. This economic issue is similar to the one experienced in South Africa because South Africa has the largest margin between the rich and poor South Africa is already rated as one of the highest
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In promoting freedom from want and freedom from fear is imperative to sustainable development according to the United Nations Human Rights commission (OHCHR, 2016). Therefore, libertaria does not encourage sustainable development and therefore would not be a suitable growth development strategy for South Africa.

Reasons for selecting Utilitaria:
Currently in South Africa there is an increased amount of poverty, as South Africa’s current poverty rate is sitting at twelve million people (, 2017).Whilst one of the major advantages, that was previously discussed, of Utilitaria is the lack of poverty in the society (Lukes 2009: 52). Poverty only gets worse in South Africa as fewer job opportunities become available and the price for education increases. Utilitaria in contrast, has no issues of unemployment since all utilitarians strive for achieving maximum utility, whilst all also receive equal opportunity which has not yet been achieved in South Africa. In the State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Jacob Zuma highlighted that one of the key issues the South African economy is facing is that there are small groups of people that control majority of the economy which leads to a high level of inequailty, therfore by using Utilitarian ideas we can create an equal opportunity for everyone,
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