Freedom Summer Speech

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Freedom Summer was a very intense and dramatic change for the state of Mississippi and nation of the United States of America. During this time in an American history the United States was going through drastic changes within society between whites and blacks because blacks just received complete and equal rights, especially the right to vote, which upset a lot of people in the South. People in the South felt like blacks did not deserve or have the intellectual ability to vote or that blacks deserved to be equal to white Americans. The time of American history leading up to Freedom Summer was extremely brutal and hard especially for African Americans. African Americans had to go through so many hardships to gain the right to go to equal and fully integrated schools, receive equal jobs and pay and basic equality in every single aspect of their everyday lives. For example, several groups supporting, marching, and peacefully protesting for equality were hosed down by fire engine water hoses and brutally beaten by police departments and police dogs, and hit with bricks. One peace group, SNCC, Students Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, would have sit ins at local diners and the owners of the diner would refuse them service and the students would still sit there and wait patiently for service or until they was told to leave the diner and the students refused to leave. This led to the students being removed by force by the police if the students weren’t already beaten to near

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