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Freedom to Diego is his old life, the life out of jail. Freedom to me is being able to do what I want when I want, get to dress how I want, say what I want, be who I want, the list goes on. Diego isn’t free, I am. Diego wants to be free, but I already am. Freedom is a right, yet Diego, and thousands and thousands of people around the world don’t. But I do. In my opinion, freedom is a really important part of the book, as I believe Diego takes the dangerous job to be able to have freedom from his disapproving mother, from his responsibilities and eventually prison. So this is why I think Diego’s taxi jobs are important, because they give him freedom for short amounts of time, the posters he saw are important, because he believes there is freedom out there, and that’s his drive. And it’s also why I think Diego’s old life is important, because it’s the freedom he wants to get back to, after having it taken away. "If he tried hard, he could still imagine the feel of the wind, cool and soft as it came down from the mountains. The green of the farm was so deep he could almost taste it. He'd helped to plant their small vegetable garden, plunged his fingers into the good, dark earth, and gathered eggs from their chickens. Up the hill from their small stone house were their coca bushes, whose little green leaves they chewed when food ran low, and sold for money for clothes and Diego's school books.” … “Diego and his parents had been riding the trufti to the Saturday market in Arani with other farmers, to sell their vegetables and dried coca leaves.” … “He didn't notice that the police had stopped the minibus until his …show more content…

Diego wondered briefly if the cities he was looking at had prisons. Then he was on his way again. After all, he was a taxi, and a taxi needed to keep moving.” - page

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