Freedom of Speech: Should We Be Spending Money to Transmit Messages?

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The debate on the constitutionality of spending money to transmit a message has been discussed for some time now. Freedom of speech in the first amendment covers the right to express ideas without unjustifiable government control. Should the government decide that spending money to send out a message is unconstitutional or should they step back and remember that restrictions should not be imposed regardless of the citizen or entity? Since freedom of speech should not be restricted for anyone, money used to transmit a belief or an idea should not be restricted either. In order for speech to be heard in almost any facet, money will have to be spent. Political speech requires money in order for it to be heard and if someone decides to …show more content…

The main concern regarding money being used for political purposes or contributions expenses is that the money will be used to boost approval ratings through media outlets. Monies used for airtime that is contributed by the millions by corporations to help campaign for their choice in officials should be considered their choice and their freedom of expression or speech. Many citizens only have television or internet as their main form of education regarding elections, therefore this may seem threatening to campaigns that may not have the wealthy corporations backing their progress. The problem that we are facing as a nation is not whether someone or something gives money to a political venture; it is simply education of the citizens that are voting. Any amount of manipulation by money or campaigns should not matter if a person is educated properly on who they are voting for and why.
Does the freedom of speech amendment protect the right to spend money to transmit a message? It is difficult to determine the ideas of the framers that created the bill of rights in 1789. They did not have the growing media coverage to influence average citizens, instead they relied on public appearances and the occasional print to distribute. The constitution itself is not clear and does not outline the rights speech related to money, however, it should not matter how individual citizens or their entities choose to spend their

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