Freewill Is The Ability Of Act On His Own Accord

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Freewill is the ability to act on his or her own accord. It is a major factor that makes one human. Many born into this world know that they have the ability to speak and do things on their own without second thought. It is something that few rarely doubt. Majority of people believe that they truly do have freewill. To them freewill is like a comfort device. It gives them control over his or her own life. The word ‘freedom’ is also associated with freewill, giving one a sense of liberty and independency in the eyes of those who believe they truly have freewill. As well as being self-reliant and having self-responsibility. Responsibility is a key factor to freewill. Since a person can choose for his or her own self, that choice may not always be the best to choose. There are six forms of responsibility: virtue, role, outcome, casual, capacity, and liability. Each form of responsibility intertwines with one another. Virtue is a form that describes one’s character or reputation. Role, refers to one’s specific duty on what a person ‘ought’ and ‘ought not’ to do.
Next, Casual responsibility is a form of ‘condition’ and ‘outcome’, which a person’s actions produce a specific outcome. Outcome is a result from casual and role responsibility. Capacity is the ability to understand what one is required to do or not to do. Lastly, liability is about who is now held responsible for what has happened, in other words blame.
From each form of responsibility, it shows how one reacts to
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