What Does It Mean to Be an Adult?

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What does it mean to be an adult? Does accountability make a person an adult? Does learning and improving on past experiences make someone an adult? Will caring for one’s self make somebody an adult? These are all small pieces to the puzzle but there is more to an adult then being a self-reliant, hardworking individual that pays their bills on time. In my opinion, you can be sixteen years old and be classified as an adult or twenty eight years old and not be an adult. Being an adult means that you are responsible, mature, and independent.
Holding one’s self responsible for actions taken in a positive and negative light are to me, requirements of adulthood. Responsibility comes with being punctual in paying your bills, being at work , …show more content…

Learning and trying to better yourself in each situation you come across is what allows the maturing process to take place.
Independence to me is a big part of being an adult. Self-reliance to me is necessary in order for responsibility and independence. Understanding that you and only you hold the key to your future and where you want to be is a big part of independence. There is no need for an adult to rely on another or others for aid or support. Self-reliance is the key

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