Freshwater Pollution : Harmful And Dangerous Hazard

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Freshwater pollution is a harmful and dangerous hazard to our environment. It can cause animals to die, and humans to get sick. It causes starvation for some species, and it doesn’t allow plants to grow, spreading oxygen. It can even cause protests for what 's happening. Causes can be from as simple as throwing your wrapper in a pond, to big factories dumping hundreds of gallons of chemicals into nearby lake. Whatever the problem is, it 's harmful and needs to stop. Freshwater pollution is a very serious problem. It begins with a simple statement: Whatever you throw in water, will not just dissolve away. This is true with all forms of pollution, they don 't just vaporize with the current. Many people think that, and that’s why they…show more content…
This problem makes many rivers across the world too tainted for humans use, which leads to water famines and such. The science on how chemicals poison the water behind us, let 's talk about another major pollutant: oil. Crude oil is a substance made out of carbon and hydrogen, and it is a major cause of pollution, freshwater or not. The most common oil is the heavy, sticky oil which can leak or burst from pipes near a river or lake. This oil is extremely hard to get rid of, even harder than removing chemicals. The heavy sticky oil floats on top of the water, and it has the same properties of water. It is extremely toxic to animals, and its smell can make mating a hard thing to do. The excess oil on a bird 's wings can make the bird grounded for life. In addition, the oil can clog up the gills of fish. Oil molecules stick onto the water 's surface, making it like another layer, another thick, gunky, and indescribably dirty layer. Oil also causes problems to humans who drink it, such as eye irritation and coughing. Animal manure is also a problem with freshwater pollution. It dirties up the water and makes it hard for underwater plants to grow. Farmers who move away their animal’s wastes don 't know that it can actually be deadly. Animal wastes contain disease-causing bacteria which once inside an organism can cause a disease. Animal wastes also make water smell bad, which can lead to smelly breath if drunk. While that may not seem like a bad thing, it is an effect
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