Freud Ego And Super Ego

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Freud was an Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis; he was born on 6th May 1856 and died 23rd September 1939 in London. Freud developed psychoanalysis which looked into dreams, fantasies and someone’s free association. The psychodynamic approach looks into the unconscious (unware) and how this effects behavior and the conscious (aware) and the relation between them in our mind (psyche). Freud’s theories about child sexuality, ego’s and what makes us tick were most influential in the 20th century. Psychodynamic approach bases its theory on three unconscious structures known as Id, ego and super ego. Id is the impulsive part of the structure, following basic animal instincts of indulgence. If the psyche has a strong id, the person would have no regard for other people, would be confrontational, would be driven by sexual impulses and would not fit in well with society. The super ego is the opposite of id, it is the conscience stating the right and wrong and repressive of any confrontation. If someone has a strong super ego it is likely that they would be very withdrawn and anxious with no confidence. Ego is the part of the psyche that adapts to the environment; it judges what is acceptable in certain social situations and control the id and the super ego for a healthy balance. Freud states that these structures of the psyche are developed in early childhood years and the ego continues to develop as we grow older. Due to the early development stages Freud assumes
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