Freud Jennings Gender Stereotypes

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“Girls do this; boys do that.” From a very young age, children are taught what they can and cannot do solely based on their gender. We are told what we can and cannot like. Society has set up expectations and rules that we “must” follow, referred to as gender stereotypes. With each generation these stereotypes become stronger and stronger. Those who do not obey these stereotypes are called names and picked on. But society has never told us what happens when someone does not fit this mold. We have never been instructed on what to do if someone does not like what they are supposed to like, when someone does not do what they are supposed to do. Jared Jennings, not only five years old, was living his life as a lie.

Jared Jennings was born a boy on October 6, 2000. …show more content…

All Jazz could think was about how much she wanted to be those girls, confidently performing plies. This is the moment when Jeanette realized that Jazz was going through much more than a phase. She scheduled doctor appointments and therapy appointments, finally receiving a diagnosis. Jazz has Gender Dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria is a condition where someone’s body does not match their true gender, or when someone does not identify as a specific gender. About 700,000 people in the United States have the condition. People with Gender Dysphoria are referred to as being trans or transgender. One of the most overlooked part of being transgender is that it is uncontrollable. A transgender individual cannot erase their condition or make it go away. Life is made to be so much more challenging for them because of society. Due to personal and religious beliefs, many people frown upon those with Gender Dysphoria. For others, it is a very abstract concept, and they fear transgender people because they are different. But society's thoughts are leaving a very negative and sometimes dangerous

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