Friar Lawrence To Blame In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet, a tragic love play written by William Shakespeare, is worldwide topic of discussion. Opinions on whom or what is to blame for the death of these two star-crossed lovers varies depending on the viewpoint. Because they put their children in that difficult stance of hatred, the families face accusations. While the families face blame, Friar Lawrence receives the same for not acting appropriately and in a timely manner. But, at the end of the day, the curse of youthful impulsiveness is the primary cause of this heartbreaking story.

When young, it is often easy to disremember that there is an extensive life ahead to make mistakes and decisions. Romeo and Juliet certainly disregard this truth, rendering them sightless by the significance of love. Unaware that there is more to the world than what they experienced, they immediately clung to each other and had no intentions of separating themselves. Despite efforts, people alternate in and out of our lives, whether or not we want them to. However, these two lovers are too innocent to understand this heartbreaking fact and had not yet understood that life goes on. …show more content…

Not bothering to question what they are they are told, Romeo and Juliet follow what Friar Lawrence without even examining their actions. While listening to elders is respectful, the advice given still should be thought out before taken into action.

Though there are many valid arguments on whom or what is to incriminate in the death of Romeo and Juliet, one thing is agreed upon: this was a tragedy. Young people lost their lives in the name of love, or perhaps what they thought was love. Kids of today’s generation still act just as impulsively, which can bring about the loss of life due to dumb decisions. This famous play should be a bold reminder to parents that the kids of our generation need restricted protection and reminded of the consequences of

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