Frida Kahlo Trauma

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“I never painted dreams, I painted my own reality” (Antelo, 2013) -Frida Kahlo, a painter whose life was wrought with both physical and emotional suffering. (Budrys, 2006) After surviving polio aged 6 (Courtney, O'Hearn and Franck, 2016), Kahlo was involved in a near-fatal trolley-car accident as a teenager. This accident left her with considerable damage to her pelvis and spinal cord (Darbyshire, 1994), the extent of these injuries left Kahlo infertile (Antelo, 2013). During her lifetime she produced a great body of work, much of which was used as a way of expressing the pain caused by her ailing health (Budrys, 2006). The psychological trauma Kahlo suffered is apparent in Kahlo’s piece “Henry Ford Hospital”. This is a particularly striking work, conveying the despair felt after one in a series of miscarriages (Antelo, 2013). As in many of her works, Kahlo’s body is contorted in an effort to display the physical pain which dominated her life (Antelo, 2013), (Budrys, 2006). The Red ribbons gripped in her hands …show more content…

In the UK overall there are significant deficits in the ability to diagnose PTSD (Wright and Robinson, 2013). This is in part due to a lack of skills in primary services, however, there are issues surrounding the nature of trauma and cultural taboos (Wright and Robinson, 2013). and This can lead to increased chances of co-morbidity. and often co-exists alongside other mental illnesses, including mood and anxiety and substance misuse (Wright and Robinson, 2013) It can be defined by three main symptom groups: re-experiencing, avoidance of stimuli and hyperarousal (Wright and Robinson, 2013). Nice guidelines recommend a range of trauma-focused psychological therapies as well as relaxation therapy in the treatment of PTSD (NICE, 2014). Currently, there is little evidence to support the use of drug treatment in PTSD (NICE,

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