Friendship In Freak The Mighty

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No one should have to go through life alone, but that is just how it is for some people. It is this way for Max, but then Freak comes along. To start, the fictional novel Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick is a heartwarming story that showcases the unfortunate reality for some of us, while still explaining the importance of friendship and love. Rodman Philbrick makes it a point to show that you shouldn't judge people about their up bringing or size. In Freak the Mighty, Max a teenage boy with a troubled past meets Freak, a boy with a disease that restricts him from growing. The two boys go on countless adventures that involves purses, bad guys, Max’s past, medical buildings, and some dragons. These adventures capture moments that show the …show more content…

It doesn’t matter if you are 6 feet or 2 feet; you the have equal right to fight for your believes, and Freak doesn’t let anyone one forget that. For instance,, this first happens on page 30 when Freak stands up to Blade and his gang by smart mouthing him and acting all tough. “His chest is all puffed out and his chin looks hard and he is looking right up at Tony D”. Once again, it happens 131 when Freak rescues Max from Killer Kane and acts very brave despite his size and disease. He uses his brain to rescue Max and proves you don’t need to be big to be brave. Freak stood up to balde because he doesn’t care about his appearance and or size; all his cares about is standing by his beliefs. Which leads to why he rescued Max. Freak rescued max because he wanted to repay Max for showing him to be normal and lifting him up above the world. Freak also did it to show killer kane that their friendship can overcome anything, and just because his small and “crippled” doesn’t mean his is afraid to stand up and fight no matter how small he is. And no one can argue with that! Freak didn’t care about his size, he just wanted to prove he was capable of fighting for himself, and he certainly

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