Poor Parenting Techniques Displayed in Maurice Sendaks "Where The Wild Things Are"

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Poor Parenting can cause poorly behaved children

'Where The Wild Things Are' was first published in 1963 and is the first part of a trilogy of award - winning books by American author and illustrator Maurice Sendak. 'Where The Wild Things Are' is haunting and imaginative and describes how a young child, called Max, creates a fictitious fantasy world in order to deal with the terrifying reality of anger.

Poor parenting is a lack of parenting techniques and skills in relation to the responsibilities and obligations, which need to be fulfilled in order to accomplish prominent problems within the family relationship. Poor parenting is most likely to come from an absence of cooperation from both child and parent, satisfying both needs and
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As Max interprets the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the picture book 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak, it is clearly evident that the ways in which he and his mother are portrayed influence the depiction of characters by the implied reader. Max's mother is represented in the text as the authoritarian. She has the dominating position in the family and is likely to be the family decision maker. In the 1960's, women were the housekeepers and wives and were the sole minder of the children as the father was a workingman who supplied the bread and water. It should come as no surprise to the implied reader that Max's mother was therefore the dominant authoritarian as her main job was to care for the children.

Max is represented as an adventurous but monstrous 6 to 8 year old child with destructive behaviour. He is wearing a wolf suit as a disguise; it symbolizes a sense of development and privacy. Max's behaviour is represented in the monster picture he drew. It suggests the adventure he is about to enter is not something that is new. He could have been thinking of a fantasy world, far away from the reality of his anger at his mother, and that he has a history of destructive behaviour. Max's poor behaviour and characteristics are influenced by his mother's parenting skills and techniques. In a time of great development and growth in this phase of his childhood, Max's social development characteristics included
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