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You can’t put a price tag on friendship. That’s the saying at least, but could you? How much money would it take to convince you to get rid of your closest friends in a time of need? What if you were upset with one of them? Could you then throw away that friendship for a thousand dollars? A hundred thousand? A million? How much is a good friend worth to you? This answer would vary for everyone. I wish everyone would say priceless. That’s the right answer, the answer everyone should give, because you can’t put a price tag on friendships. Court cases can be pretty simple, right? For example, you are doing construction a house, and you fall in a hole in the floor at said house that wasn’t railed off and break your back. You’d sue. It’s the …show more content…

We would carry longer boards into the house to have them cut to the measurement we needed for wherever we were laying them down that day. There was over 10 separate people who came out to help us including my younger sister and friends all who were 16 or younger. The day before a pair of long known family friends who ran a construction business, Yates’ construction, cut out a hole in the floor where stairs would go in the future. They did not, however, put any railing up around the hole as the house is out in the country, and there were no worries of people accidentally wandering in and falling. Everyone there knew the hole was there, and everyone there was volunteering to help and not under any sort of contract. About 3 hours into the day Julie, while carrying boards to the upstairs accidentally fell down the hole to the basement and wound up with a broken back. They were using the same technique as they had all day, where one person was on the front end of the boards and then someone on the back end. Julie was carrying the back end of the boards and, on this one time, she turned too wide stepped off into the hole. The ambulance was called and she was taken to Mercy Hospital in Springfield Missouri about an hour away. Over the next week, while Julie was in the hospital, my mom took care of Julie’s middle school and high school aged daughters while visiting Julie in the hospital

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