From Harriet Tubman's Journey To Freedom

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“No please don’t take my sister away from me,” I yelled after the tall man carrying away my sister.
“Come on everyone let’s get back to work before we get into trouble like Alice,” whispered a girl that was a little older than I am.
“Let’s go Marilynn,” one of the girls whispered with a scared look on her face.
After wiping the tears off of my face, I walked back to the plantation where I worked in the hot slave state of Florida.(3) Just after about two minutes of working, I had started to miss my dear sister Alice. I don’t have any other family it was just me and my sister. My parents passed away in the year of 1849 about two months after Harriet Tubman created the Underground Railroad, someone shot them while they were passing through
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“Yeah one day,” Erin replied who is now starting to put her arm around me.
Soon we started to drift off into a deep sleep dreaming about what freedom will be like. I was happy that I was finally going to be a free slave, but I am also starting to miss my old friends back on the plantation.
Soon we got to Pennsylvania we were safe well we hoped.
“Ok lets get some more supplies and head to New York,” Erin shouted over the loud city.
After we got our supplies we started walking. Soon after about one and a half months of walking we made it to New York.
“Ok now let's get going to Canada,” I announced excited that we were almost to our new home in Canada. Finally on July 4, 1852 after 9 month and 16 days of walking we finally made it to freedom. Soon it was over I could vote, get married, go wherever I wanted to go, and I could buy a house. I am only 18 years old and I hope to live a good long life after this.
Then one day my wish came true and in 1865 slavery ended, but also in 1865 was when I was reunited with my family.(1) I was happy to say that I Marilynn Kingsley Patterson had escaped slavery on the Underground Railroad to
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