From This Area. The Cave Must Have Been A Picturesque Location

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from this area. The cave must have been a picturesque location before the vampires moved in and I hoped our efforts at cleansing it mean it will return to its former beauty.
As I begin to walk past Serana, she took hold of my wrist with a playful yet firm grip, throwing me slightly off balance and pulled me to her, I know struggling against a vampire’s grip is pointless. Her body pressed against mine and somehow she gently kissed my lips. Just for an instant her soft lips press against my own. I was completely taken off guard and I stood there a moment like a lost dog trying to figure out if I should bolt or enjoy the affection. "I 'm sorry if I startled you" she stated, licking her lips, "but I 'm not sorry for kissing you." She said in …show more content…

Dexion spoke of Auriels Bow, a powerful weapon, when dragons return to the realms of mean, I must confess I don’t understand all of it, but the bow has something to do with the prophecy. He told us we need to find two more elder scrolls to find the secrets we need, the elder scroll of blood and of dragon, at that point he almost fainted from exhaustion and Isran led him away to rest. Serana has an idea where we might find one scroll, apparently her mother, Valerica took one of the scrolls far away from Harkon, cryptically her mother said she would be, someone close but unexpected. It came to me suddenly, she could be hiding in the castle somewhere, in the same place Harkon is and it’s the last place he would look for her.
Serana agreed with my theory, giving me a quick kiss, her mother had a garden where she grew herbs, and that area has been blocked off by Harkon, so she could be there and he wouldn’t know. She further told me there is a hidden back entrance into castle Volkihar which we could use to get into these abandoned sections of the keep. Walking around the keep, Sorine asked me to find someone called Florentius, apparently Isran doesn’t like him, but her and Gunmar think we need him to help in the fight, he is a former priest of Arkay. In addition Sorine wants me to find some ancient crossbow schematic, which she believes in Mzinchaleft, yes that place again, and Gunmar wants me to track down a

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