From the Motherhood to a Psychological Disorder

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From the motherhood to a psychological disorder
Truc Huynh
Houston Community College
Summer 2010

Credit to the story about family issues and Adele’s motherhood which goes over the unconscious psychological disorder in the movie “Anywhere but here” (1999), the paper is the first overview discussing the personality disorder- definition, diagnosis criteria, cause, classification and treatment. A closer sight is exhibited in details on three specific categorizes of personality disorder, which are the Adele’s mixed trait- histrionic, dependent and borderline personality disorder, including character’s description, suggestion of treatment and self-management. Through the knowledge of personality disorder, we have more access to
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Group C consists of anxious or fearful disorders in personality. Avoidant PD, dependent PD and obsessive-compulsive PD are three PDs belongs to this group.
There is a little research on the causes of PD. Some assumptions are made, including issues such as severity of childhood abuse and neglect, as antecedent risks to the development of PD in adulthood. Mental factors and genes such as brain injury or a lack of serotonin is thought to be a part of the cause. (Cohen, 2001).
Base on the recent studies on diagnosis and the disease cause, the researchers suggest some treatments and self management strategies such as medication, psychodynamic treatment, cognitive and behavioural therapy, and therapeutic communities. Except for medication, the rest of these treatments encounter specific aspects of thoughts, feelings, behaviour or attitude. However, the researchers only succeeded in coping with some short term benefits, the results of long term benefits are still under scrutiny. (Personality disorders - an overview, n.d.)
Back to the character Adele in the movie above, we can easily realize her mixed PD through her thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. What Adele got when she grew up was the neglect from parent- as she said in her argument with her brother- in- law. Then, first husband left her and daughter Ann on Christmas Eve with shock and stress of being lonely. These are probably causes results to her PD later. Discussing about the
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