Essay on Frontier of the Future: America´s Space Exploration

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In the early 60s, President John F. Kennedy led America into a space race against the Soviet Union. American men and women across the nation backed this goal, allowing NASA to take great leaps in advancing its space exploration programs. This unified nation fulfilled its goal, and Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. However, since then, America’s space exploration has only declined. Funding for NASA has been drastically cut, thus greatly limiting the opportunities for exploring the cosmos. Understanding and exploring the universe is detrimental to the advancement of the United States and opens the door for vast possibilities. If the government chooses to limits its own advancement, then that responsibility must fall …show more content…

With America at the lead of this new frontier, its economy can begin to flourish again. American citizens are not the only ones who will benefit from privatized space programs. The United States government would save tremendous amounts of money as well. Funding cuts have already been placed on NASA, limiting its capabilities for advancing. For instance, American astronauts cannot even reach their space stations alone; they require the assistance of the Russian space program. This is not the iconic space program that the United States deserves. If space travel were to become more prevalent through privately owned companies, NASA would not have to pay other countries to accomplish something as simple as reaching Earth’s orbit. With proper regulations in place, astronauts working for NASA would be able to travel to and from the ISS and other stations within their country. Though NASA can never be replaced, private companies would be capable of greater projects. With more being accomplished without government assistance, cuts could effectively be made without limiting the American success. Arguable the most important factor of creating a privatized space program, however, is simply the furthering of man’s knowledge of that marvelous frontier. With more opportunity to explore and research the many celestial bodies near and far from Earth, man can strive into a new era of technology and information. Countless stars within countless galaxies lie in wait as people seek to

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