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Lab 5: The Integumentary System Name Using the key choices below, identify the indicated structures. A. adipose tissue B. venule C. motor nerve D. dermis E. arrector pili muscle F. hair bulb G. merocrine sweat gland H. hypodermis I. apocrine sweat gland J. sebaceous gland 1. D 2. H 3.C 4.J 5.E 6.F 7.I 8.G 9.A 10.B [pic] Using the key choices below, choose ALL responses that apply to the following descriptions. A. stratum corneum B. stratum basale C. stratum granulosum D. stratum lucidum E. papillary layer F. reticular layer G. epidermis H. dermis __D___ 1. Translucent cells containing keratin __A___ 2. Dead cells __E___ 3. Dermis layer responsible for fingerprints __F___ 4. Vascular…show more content…
Nails 1. The clear, keratinized portion of a fingernail is known as the nail _PLATE_. It has a root, body, and free edge. 2. The space under the free edge, called the HYPONYCHIUM, must be scrupulously cleaned when scrubbing for patient care. 3. The nail grows from a mitotically active tissue called the NAIL MATRIX_. Often a little of this is visible at the proximal end of the nail as a white crescent called the _LUNULE__. Top of Form Cutaneous Glands 1. Sweat glands are also known as _SUDORIFEROUS__ glands. One type, called _MEROCLINE_ glands, serve for evaporative cooling of the body, while the other type, called _APOCRINE glands, are scent glands. One place where the latter type can be found is the _AXILLARY_region. 2. We lose about half a liter of water a day by _INSENSIBLE_ perspiration, which we don’t notice because it evaporates immediately from the skin. More profuse sweating, with noticeable wetness, is called __DIAPHORESIS__________. 3. Associated with the hair follicles are holocrine glands called __SEBACEOUS___, which produce a skin oil called ___SEBUM_______. 4. Earwax, or __CERUMEN___________, consists mainly of the secretions of the _CERUMENOUS___________glands in the ear canal. 5. The __MAMMARY___________ glands are modified sweat glands that show significant development only in pregnancy and maternity. Fill in the blanks. Diseases of the Skin 1. Skin

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