Fulbright Research Paper

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For my Fulbright research project, I will be investigating the intersections of immigration, education and diversity in the Italian education system. Focusing in elementary through secondary schools, and then higher education, I will spend 9 months living in Italy and researching the ways in which schools are engaging with diversity and inclusion initiatives, especially as Italy's immigrant population rises. Considering that Italy is a social welfare system in which public education is free, I hope to better understand the ways in which immigrants gain access to that right. What kind of training is given to educators and administrators who work directly with foreign students to help them meet their needs? What role does intercultural and/or…show more content…
Studies show that immigrant students perform poorer academically and are less likely to enroll in high school or to pursue education on the University level. Though, immigrant students are statistically more likely to attend vocational schools compared to the larger population, pursuit of vocational education comes at the expense of university education and represents an obstacle to social mobility. As the cultural pluralism in Italy increases, multiple laws have been passed in the country throughout the last decades that focus on receiving and integrating immigrant students into schools and classrooms. Yet, for as many of the programs created as a result of the laws that are effective and well structured, some are not.
My majors in sociology and psychology, along with my minor the Italian language at Middlebury College helped me prepare for this project. Additionally, courses such as Social Justice in Education, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology and an Ethnographic research seminar have given me the necessary tools and knowledge for exploring the social cultural diversity within the Italian Education system. My fours years of Italian language study has given a professional proficiency that I will use to communicate articulately both in and out of the
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