Essay on Fulfillment is Gained Through Philosophical Thought

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Fulfillment is Gained Through Philosophical Thought

The ability to think philosophical is the ability to truly understand and know ones surroundings and everything that influences those surroundings to the degree that knowledge becomes the ultimate understanding and appreciation of the surroundings without question. With this ultimate understanding, a philosopher is able to appreciate life and live life to a fuller degree than the average person. Unfortunately, becoming a philosopher or even recognizing a philosopher can be difficult. Therefore, in order to live a philosophical life, one must understand what philosophy is and have a clear perception of why they desire a life as a philosopher and the hardships that ultimately coincide …show more content…

To further explain, if a person views something that is beautiful and that is all he is capable of understanding, the objects physical beauty, then he does not understand the ultimate truth behind that object and its beauty it possesses drawing to a personal opinion of that object. Thus, an opinion is simply an incomplete truth. An opinion is not necessarily wrong in its idea, rather it is simply not a complete idea or understanding. To be a complete idea and understanding, the idea must be universal. This is a key to philosophical thought.

The idea being drawn from a subject must be absolute and universal in its being, thus being the ultimate understanding or idea. Therefore, to conclude, a philosopher is one who has knowledge of something rather than an opinion, acquiring that knowledge through true appreciation of the subject in its universal and absolute state. Being a philosopher is not always easy. Along with understanding how a philosopher thinks and learns knowledge, one must also understand the hardships that coincide with it. But first, one must have a clear perception of why they want to be a philosopher.

A full understanding and self-recognition of why one wants to be a philosopher will allow them to completely defend themselves when necessary. Being a philosopher allows a person to grasp a situation, an object, or an idea with an ultimate appreciation and

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