Fun House, By Alison Bechdel

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Fun House, the autobiography written by author Alison Bechdel centers around her life growing up and the death of her father. The autobiography is in a graphic novel format that artistically depicts relevant events that occurred in Bechdel’s life when she was growing up. The novel shows the problems that dysfunctional families have in a realistic way without sugar coating anything. The plot of Fun House centers around Bechdel’s life and what it was like living in a household where the parents did not pay that much attention to their children and focused on other things, where the father who is supposed to the head of the household, has a dark secret concerning his sexual orientation, where the protagonist (Alison) is dealing with gender …show more content…

On page 16, Bechdel says that her father “[did] not make things, but [made] things appear the be what they were not” which proves that her father wanted to keep up the appearances of a perfect family with no problems. In my opinion, I think that it is really sad and awful that as a child, Alison did not get the love and attention that she should have received from her father because he was too obsessed with other things such as decorating their house and making sure that they seemed like the perfect family even though realistically they were not.
In Chapter 2, Alison talks about her father’s death. Her father got hit by a truck and died, and she thinks it was a suicide but there was no evidence suggesting that and the only one who thinks that is Alison. In addition to that in Chapter 4: In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flowers, Bechdel talks more in-depth about her father’s death and describes what occurred. She explains that her father had been doing some gardening just before he died and that was the cause of his death. According to Alison, her father was doing yard work and as he was crossing the road with to throw away brush that he was carrying, then suddenly he jumps backwards into the road right as a truck is coming and it runs him over (89). The man who was driving the truck that hit Mr. Bechdel explains that it was an accident and that Alison’s father did not jump into the road on purpose, but that he seemed

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