Functional Elbow And Wrist Rehabilitation Prototype Controlled By Computer

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Functional Elbow and Wrist Rehabilitation Prototype Controlled by Computer

Milton Acosta Jarrín
Flavio Pineda-López
Stephanie Vásquez Gabela
Gabriela Moya Cáceres
Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE
Sangolquí, ECUADOR Abstract— In this paper, we have considered the anthropometrics of the human arm, taking into account the movements and angles of the elbow and wrist with the goal of developing a prototype for the first and second phases of rehabilitation for the patient in order to achieve full joints mobility. The implementation of this prototype consists of four different adaptations, for each movement, a sensors interface electronic board, a control board, and a graphical user interface where the physiotherapist is able to set up a personalized rehabilitation cycle according to the patient needs.

We have done field tests of the prototype with a patient with elbow and wrist fracture diagnosis, as we observe a improve in mobility of the both joints through a small number of rehabilitation session, as regards is concluded that the prototype allows to reach progressively angles nearer to angular limits of pronation and supination of elbow movements and flexion –extension of wrist, with a reduction of 50% of number of sessions by conventional methods.

Keywords— Arduino; anthropomorphic; servomotor;


The goal of rehabilitation is to achieve the
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