Functionalism Research Paper

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a material account, but we can see that we still cannot identify material account independently of the soul, because even though human beings are constituted from other than flesh and bones, if they possess soul, then their material account does not matter. For these reasons, I can conclude that functionalism cannot be adequate to clarify the relation between soul and body, too. Burnyeat also thinks that functionalism cannot be adequate, because Aristotle has some points which contradict with functionalism. For instance, as I mentioned above, functionalism provide psychological explanation holistically with the material account. Even though form has a primary role, it still presupposes material necessity, because given soul needs a body. However, …show more content…

However, we can specify this need by saying that lower or basic material state can necessitate the higher psychological states. However, this higher psychological state is not caused by the lower cause. There is no any causal responsibility between soul and matter, but only ontological relation between them. For instance, when you look at a piano, you see the ivories on it. Every ivory has a different tone, and the existence of ivory urge the existence of different tunes and tensions. The material states of piano necessitate or determine the existence of higher psychological states such as tune. On the other hand, in the absence of the tunes, the existence of ivories would not have any meaning. For example, Caston exemplifies emergentism with chemistry. According to this, chemical properties has depended on physical properties which they had; however, their causal power cannot be only explained by their physical properties The higher level which is the soul or tune for this example has emergent causal power and this power cannot be reducible to the lower level one, but the higher level one which is soul supervene the lower one which is the material account. Consequently, I can conclude that soul alone is responsible for the cohesion of the living thing, and the cohesion between the lower state and higher

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