Functionalism and the Family

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Took 45 minutes to complete about 659 words Using the material from the Item and elsewhere, assess the functionalist contribution to our understanding of the family.(24 marks) Functionalism is a structural theory as it examines social institutions e.g. economy , education etc. It sees these institutions as a way of moulding and shaping the individual. Functionalism is also a consensus theory and tends to encourage sharing norms and values and promotes agreement rather than conflict , value consensus. Functionalists adopt and organic analogy. This is the idea of seeing society as a living system (human body) , e.g. the skin of our body is like our norms and values. Material from the item says that Murdock (1949) suggests the four …show more content…

Overall , Functionalists have a large contribution to our understanding of the family as they provide functions which most families , especially nuclear families still follow to a certain extent. However , Feminists and Marxists have had a large contribution to our contribution and understanding of the family as well as functionalists as they highlight the family 'dark

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