Functionalist Theory Of Xenophobias

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Sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. It looks at how others influence our behavior; how major social institutions like the government, religion, and the economy affects us, and how we ourselves affect other individuals, groups, and even organizations. Sociologists use their social imagination to understand the relationship between people and how the world shapes us humans. Sociologists use macro and/or microsociology to understand society and relationships. There is the functionalist perspective that believes that everything contributes to an organisms’ survival. They believe that everything fits a cycle. It is similar to Darwin’s theory of evolution in that functionalist say that if something does not improve …show more content…

Through these cultures they develop norms, values, mores, laws, and folkways. These create phobias and “isms.” One of the many phobias can be seen through xenophobia. This phobia is seen throughout the world and history. Today, there is tension in the United States of America between the U.S citizens and the Hispanic communities because of xenophobia. It is a very prevalent problem that affects many Hispanic communities and their development. Through cultures, humans also develop “isms.” One of the big issues we see throughout history, is racism. The belief that ones’ race is superior to another’s race. Race is defined as a concept that is used to signify different types of human bodies. It is believed that there are only three races that all humans stem from. After much research, a hominid skeleton named Lucy was found. The skeleton appeared to be a mixture of an ape and a human. Hominidaes are all the species originating after the human African ape ancestral split. Lucy is possibly an example of human origins. However, despite are similar origins, through the development of cultures, we have voluntarily separated as a society. Through the socialization process, humans continue to pass on the cultures they are brought up to accept by the influence of institutions, and the media. One of the prime examples of this, was the passing down of the belief that White Americans were superior to Black Americans. They had a neo-local mind set. …show more content…

government discriminated the black men from Alabama. They allowed their view of their superiority rule that it was acceptable to let the black men die. Once they injected the syphilis to the men or refused to treat them, they attempted to erase them from society. By doing this, they discriminated the black men. This discrimination was a result of their views on race. They believed that black people were inferior to white Americans. With this set of beliefs, they justified their actions. Allowing the black men to die from syphilis was an effect of racism. Without the belief that the white men are inferior to black men, the discrimination would not have happened. The idea of racism leading to discrimination goes hand in hand with prejudiceness. Once there is a misrepresentation of a certain group, it can lead to prejudice. In the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, they believe that “whites experienced more neurological complications from syphilis whereas blacks were more susceptible to cardiovascular damage” (The Tuskegee). This pre conceived notion led to the separation of blacks and whites in the experiment. They also used this to justify their action to only “treat” or more accurately, not treat black men. Their oppression created victims. There are still many “isms” that plague our society today. Sexism was very prevalent throughout history, and is still a big issue in many other countries. Many women have fought to change this cultural belief in the

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