Professional Development Plan Essay

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Professional Development Plan

Student: Wayne Fairweather
Student ID # A00147716
Program: Ph.D. in Applied Management
Specialization: Leadership or Organizational Change

Walden University
December 11, 2010
Professional Development Plan
Part 1: Professional Goals
Professional Introduction I plan on obtaining my Ph.D. in Management with a specialization in leadership and organizational change in four years. My educational goals are as follows: to receive the advanced essential training in qualitative research methods to strengthen my researcher and give a theoretical base to my work, secondly I would like to gain insight in quantitative research in order to become a well balanced …show more content…

Part 2: Educational Background and Research Proficiency Over my years of professional and educational experience I have developed a concise set of skills which I believe will enable me to be successful in completion of my Ph.D. program at Walden University. I have extensive experience in the following area: data mining, business analyst, interpreting financial data, presentation skills and software programming skills on a concise scale. Over the years during my course works I intend to enhance my skill set and build additional essential skills which will enable me to become a proficient scholar-practitioner.
Academic Coursework in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Sociology is the study of social life and the change and consequences of human behavior. Human behavior is social in nature, the topic of sociology ranges from divisions of race, gender and sociology of work and sports. In my opinion, sociology is one of the few fields which have such a broad scope and relevance for breadth, depth and application. During my graduate studies I have course work in: human capital development, sustainable customer relationships and transformational leadership. My training in these areas enables me to understand the behavior patterns and the social context which influences such behavior.

Academic Coursework in Other Fields In addition to my course work in sociology, my graduate work concentration is in

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