Functionalist View On Society

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Our world is constantly evolving as we make new and improved advances in society. As the world changes, we fall into different groups. Some are made to be a temporary group while others are permanently, such as being a part of a cheer team or becoming a grandmother. These groups vary in size, importance, and behavior. This leads to being a part of a culture called society. Society is a group of people who interact and share a common culture. Everyone has different views on society but can generally be summed up to fit into three paradigms that dominate sociological thinking: structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Functionalism Functionalism originates from English philosopher and biologist Herbert Spencer. Functionalist view society as interrelated parts that work together to meet the need of a function. Society is more than just individual parts but rather each part is functional for the stability of the whole. Hebert Spencer (1820–1903), who saw similarities between society and the human body; he argued that just as the various organs of the body work together to keep the body functioning, the various parts of society work together to keep society functioning (Spencer 1898). Emile Durkheim elaborated on Spencer’s view and saw society as an organism. For example, our human body is made up of different organ systems that work together so that we can breathe, walk, eat and live. Each organ plays a role but cannot function as individuals to

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