Fundamentals Of Leadership : Leader Action Plan

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Irma Fermin
Fundamentals of Leadership
Leader Action Plan
May 4, 2015

Throughout this semester, I have definitely made many changes that have helped me grow as a person and a better leader. I was always very shy and unable to really speak up for myself. I wanted to please the world and sadly this course made me realize that there are certain things that we can’t take for granted nor can we just be disrespected. I came about this change once I moved in to my dorm. Living with new people that had no idea about me, made things complicated because they took me being nice for granted. I was consistently being pushed over or ignored by my roommates.

I had taken a similar course the semester before that required me to look at myself within and try to have a more positive outcome. Within this course I have grown in many ways, I have learned to a lot about myself and how I affect the people around me. I have a lot of plans for the upcoming semester, and goals that I wish to make this year. I believe that with the 7 C’s and the tools I learned from this course will help me keep improving on myself and, the outcome I give off to others. This course opened my eyes to a very important value of leadership, this specific value named Consciousness of Self meaning being aware of ones beliefs morals and emotions. It helped me because it showed me how to reflect on myself, and think back about an experience in a way that would help me learn from it instead of greave it. Mindfulness,

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