Funeral Planning Essay

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At the last minute, it can be tough putting together a funeral that best represents a person's life and how much they were loved. In situations in which a loved one is nearing death, it is much more beneficial to pre-arrange their funeral to avoid a stressful and hasty funeral planning process directly after their passing. During emotional and fragile times, it is difficult to face these realities, but it is well worth it in the end. Learn some more benefits of pre-planning funerals to be better prepared for when your loved one crosses over. Planning a funeral for someone at the time of their loss can be detrimentally distracting. Pre-planning allows people to grieve properly, and completely; instead of being consumed with arranging flowers,…show more content…
Not everyone has money on hand to arrange a funeral that can cost in the high thousands. Having a little time to save up money and prepare financially lets a person relax during funeral arranging. It avoids having to be stressed out about paying bills and conducting their regular life on top of another large financial obligation. It also allows a family to arrange a stress-free payment plan for all the funeral costs. Being able to take your time with arranging a funeral can greatly reduce the stress associated with the entire process. If you feel rushed, it can cause more emotional anguish. Also, having more time allows you to make better decisions about the funeral, such as décor, guest list, caskets, invitations, food, location, and more. A clear mind can truly help the thinking process, as well as, relieve anxiety about planning a funeral altogether. The most special and warming benefit of pre-planning a funeral is the option of allowing your loved one to have some input on their own funeral. This lets them be a part of how they will be honored in their final goodbye. The funeral honoree can choose what they would like to have at their own funeral, from flowers to guests. This can also help your loved one come to peace a little more with their passing, as well as,
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