Essay on Furry Fandom

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“Consisting of or resembling fur (, “Furry”).” These objects are the well-known focus of a caste of the geek sub-culture known as the furry fandom. The furry fandom’s members will typically call themselves “furries”. There are variations on this idea; the two primary variations are “scalies” and “avians” interested in scaled and feathered creatures respectively. “[The] furry fandom is a fandom for fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics (, “Furry Fandom”).”“Someone who says they are furry is generally expressing an interest in [anthros] and/or creatures. They may express that interest in a variety of ways… How deep or meaningful [their interest] is varies greatly from …show more content…

“Fans are found in all corners of the world… We are bound together across the most daunting barriers by our mutual admiration for these creatures of myth and legend (” Your general, honest furry is likely to have three primary aspects about them, affection for animals in general and admiration of one animal of their choice specifically, a scientific degree or college-education in a science-based field, “A large number of Furry fans are employed in the scientific or technical fields (” and a strength in one of the arts (literary, painting, drawing, etc.). Apart from these aspects, the general furry is no different from the average citizen.
As a furry, I could explain to you the classifications in the fandom. Furries put themselves in different classifications, the three primary classes involved are ‘gamers’, ‘fursuiters’, and ‘furry lifestylers’. The ‘gamers’ appear to be like your average person that enjoys games; however, they focus on games involving furry art and anthros. Fursuiters are amongst the most unique individuals you will meet of the fandom, and the best ambassadors of it; ‘”Fur suiters,’ like making and wearing animal costumes (” They wear something along the lines of a mascot costume, typically these costumes will, however, have modifications to them, which enable the wearer to either look ‘more realistic’, ‘cooler’, or even let them

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