Barry Wisebram Case Study

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When Sun Pet LTD. General Manager Barry Wisebram was a child, he’d go into pet stores and watch the hamsters, Guinea pigs and other small animals scamper around in their habitats. Having the small animals to watch was what made him want to enter and stay in the store, and eventually, Wisebram wound up buying one.
Now, Wisebram is helping to continue that cycle of drawing customers into pet stores and having them find a fascination with small animals through Sun Pet LTD.’s job of supplying wholesale animals, including small animals, to pet retailers around the country.
“Live animals in general are what draw people into a pet store… the live is what gets people in the store and makes them want to stick around,” Wisebram said. “I think that’s
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Since then, the store has expanded its small animal selection to include other small animals, including Guinea pigs, hedgehogs and hamsters.
According to Morrone, he started supplying ferrets because they were “fun,” but the selection expanded when he realized that he had to do something that the big box stores couldn’t do in order to compete with them—and that was sell more exotic small animals.
While Marrone has his own network of people from where he gets his small animals, other stores opt to purchase their animals from a wholesaler, such as Sun Pet LTD.
Wisebram said that Sun Pet LTD. has more recently expanded his wholesale business to include shipping small animals to small pet stores. In the past, he said many pet stores thought wholesale was too expensive and retail owners felt they could breed the animals themselves. However, he said that, overtime, retailers began to realize that breeding themselves does cot money—in terms of both employee labor and
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“MidWest offers a variety of containment products for many different small animals, including, ferrets, rats, chinchillas, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, degus, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and more,” according to its website. Its Critterville line of small animal pens allows for owners to put their animals into a larger enclosed area so that the animals can exercise and play more freely.
For those who want to take their small animal on the go, LIXIT Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of small animal watering devices, offers a 19-inch small pet carrier that comes in a variety of trendy patterns and colors, including skull and cross bones and camo green.
Taking the importance of small animal products into consideration, Wisebram says the most lucrative small animal for a pet store might be a ferret.
According to Wisebram, ferret food is typically a little more expensive than those for other small animals. Ferrets also use a litter box, so retailers have to sell litter and a box when someone purchases a ferret. Shampoos and sprays that help lessen their musky smell can also be sold.
Then there are the ferret clothes.
“They wear sweaters and people spend money on them kind of like they do dogs and cats where they get outfits,” Wisebram
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