Future Ice Age: An Explanation in Mr. Calvin's The Great Climate Flip Flop

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It is a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining brightly down on the earth. The temperatures are warm, and you are outside enjoying the beauties of nature. Then suddenly the temperature begins to drop. It is now cold and brutal outside. You would probably be wondering what just happened to the weather. What could have caused this? With what Mr. Calvin has said in his story The Great Climate Flip Flop this may and will happen soon if we do not choose to act.
Now, you are most likely thinking what is a climate flip-flop and why should I even care about it? The reason you should care is simple this has the potential to be a very dangerous situation if it is left unattended. According to Calvin if we do not act now our climate will change …show more content…

The conditions that he states will occur if it fails range from the Gobi Desert whipping much more dust into the air to tropical swamps decreasing their production of methane, which would cause Europe to cool. The problem is being caused by the copious excess amounts of water being in the NAO which is causing it to become inconsistent. This is a problem because as I stated earlier the climate will change to another ice age if the NAO becomes so erratic that it just fails.
There are often people who wonder what is the difference between climate change and greenhouse warming. The differences between the two are vast. Climate change can either be hot or cold temperature changes within a certain region, area, or even the world depending on how widespread the change is. Greenhouse Warming is a part of what can cause a climate change. It can come from humans burning fossil fuels to normal occurrences that happen in nature. However, it may occur and when it does it heats up the planet. We should be competent enough to distinguish the difference between them so that we will be able to be informed about what is going on in the world and not be uninformed and use our unawareness as an excuse to do nothing.
I hope by having read this you will understand that our climate is fragile. We need to be able to take care of it. If we do not take action

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