GE's Strategic Intent and DNA

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Hierarchy Goals Introduction Over the decades, GE has gone through a number of challenges. This is because the company would face issues associated with globalization and size. To fully understand what took place requires carefully examining the company in depth. This will be accomplished by focusing on: GE's Strategic Intent and DNA (Strategic Thrusts), the initiatives that were implemented, the alignment between strategic intent / strategic thrust / objectives and if there are changes in the firm's strategic intent in the future. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights as to how GE was able to adapt with the transformations that were occurring in the economy and the marketplace. Based on the case, what is your view of GE's Strategic Intent and DNA (Strategic Thrusts)? GE's strategic thrusts are those parts of the strategy that allowed the company to deal with changes more effectively. This meant that there was a focus on a number of areas in achieving these objectives to include: transforming the culture, selling off unprofitable business, working on developing effective leadership and focusing on businesses that can diversify profit margins. The combination of these different elements is important, because they help to give the company direction and focus. In many ways, one could argue that this is what made GE one of the most respected firms prior to Jack Welch's departure. ("GE," 2012) (Bartlett, 2005) (Welch, 2007) What initiatives

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