GMO In The Us Research Paper

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GMO’s In The US Around seventy percent of the United State’s processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients. A GMO is an organism, whose DNA has been altered by adding another organism’s DNA to create a certain trait, such as corn that kills bugs. With genetically modified foods, feeding the hungry will be easier, along with farmers being able to produce more crops. The US should allow the production and selling of more genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified foods are safe and the government needs to allow more GM foods to be produced and sold. Pedro Sanchez is a director and senior research scholar at the Agriculture and Food Security Center at the Earth Institute; who wants to advance research and production of genetically …show more content…

A GMO expert at the University of Arizona, named Yves Carriere, explained in an article that, “Carriere argues that bug-killing crops are beneficial because they reduce the use of insecticides, which can harm people and the environment,” (Potenza 2). With genetically modified crops, farmers no longer have to use harmful chemicals, such as insecticides. He also pointed out that, “Developing crops that can survive dry climates, others say, could help us grow food as climate change makes the planet more prone to droughts,” (Potenza 2). For example, places like California could benefit a lot more if people could grow and sell GMO’s. The production and selling of more genetically modified organisms should be permitted in the US. Furthermore GMO’s have been proven to be safe and can increase food available for people who have little. Considering the increased use of pesticides is not an effect of the GM crops, that is something between the states and farmers themselves. Whereas the use of insecticides has been decreased, as well as, crops being developed to survive harsh climates is an effect of genetically modified crops. Therefore the production and selling of more GMO’s should be allowed in the

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