Gmos Should Be Applied Into American Food Production

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With numerous developments plaguing agricultural production, the implementation of Genetically Modified Organisms, commonly referred to as GMOs, is best suited to be used in food manufacturing. It is estimated that by the year 2050, global food production must increase by seventy percent. However with current practices in place and the limited expansion of farmland due to urbanization, such production rates are nearly impossible to achieve. The use of Genetically Modified Organisms seems to be among the only feasible options to rapidly increase food production and thus aid in this crisis which plagues even though most developed countries, such as the United States. Specifically in the United States, the use of Genetically Modified Organism…show more content…
Genetically Modified Organisms, should be on the mechanism used in place of traditional farming practices because of its many advantages and benefits. It is commonly argued that Genetically Modified Organisms pose numerous risk to the health of the environment, however compared to current farming practices, Genetically Modified Organisms, pose, if any, a minimal threat to the environment . And in addition to that GMOs have been able to counterbalance the effects caused by traditional farming and others human errors. For example, emission of greenhouses gases been a major concern for scientist, who see levels of gases like Carbon Dioxide on a rapid and the American government, who has the duty to regulate such developments. However, Genetically Modified Organisms have played a significant role in the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Modified crops need impressively less fuel allocated to themselves in order to be maintained. As well because such crops need less tilling, Carbon Dioxide is allowed to remain trapped in the soil. According to these findings, in 2008, this resulted in 16 billion kilograms of Carbon Dioxide to be removed from the earth’s atmosphere. Not only has GMOs played a significant role in reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, they have also decreased soil erosion. Soil erosion, an issue that is not heavily regarded as
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