Gabriella Monologue On War

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I am very afraid. I have been so close to dying so many times. This is not anything like they said war was like and I am afraid that I will never see you again. I miss you all very much. The list of things I wouldn’t do to see you all again is nonexistent. Mother, I miss your cooking and your ability to always make me laugh. However, above all, I miss you tender kisses and your beautiful smile. Father, I miss your constant advice. I also miss the way that I felt when you hugged me. I felt so safe and protected. I miss my sisters dearly. I miss Gabriella’s laugh and her jokes. I miss Camilla’s hugs and her positive outlook on life. I could use a bit of that positivity. I even miss her spunky attitude and her constant whining. I miss Michelle’s…show more content…
The living conditions are absolutely awful and I am surrounded by men who are losing their minds because none of us were truly prepared for this war. I have seen things that no human being should ever see. I can distinguish every single sound of every weapon because of how many times I’ve heard them. I can feel the earth tremble beneath me when I sleep because of the attacks against us. I saw this man’s face when we were attacked in the middle of the night and I could almost feel his fear through the way looked at me. I absolutely hate feeling like this, so helpless and lost. I am being forced to live in the same place as rats and these rats are not average rats. They have grown to almost the size of cats because they eat the remains of the bodies of the dead soldiers. They steal our food and crawl on us in the trenches. However, this is not the worst part of my experience…show more content…
I have been lucky in the sense that I have not gotten trench foot but many of my fellow soldiers have not been as lucky as I have. Trench foot causes men’s feet to swell up to three times their original size. Then their feet become completely numb. I have also been fortunate enough in that my hair grows painfully slow therefore, I do not have lice nor have I gotten lice in the past. I was very close to catching the disgusting little animals on my body, but I would scrape them off with the blunt edge of my knife. However, my best friend has not been as lucky. She lost one foot due to trench foot and she currently has lice. I feel awful for her, but there s nothing I can do for her. She has gone completely insane. She screams in her sleep, when she can fall asleep, which is not often. Not only is she sleep deprived most of the time, but she is also in as state of shell shock meaning that she does not know how to cope with this horrendous war. I love you all so very much. I wish I could express my love for you in words, but it is impossible. I would give anything to see you all again. Please pray for me and for everyone in this war because none of us expected so many deaths. Please pray for the diseased soldiers families. I know I am being very repetitive, but I love all of you so so much. I am fighting for all of you. I must go now, but I will try to write again soon. Please don’t lose
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