Gait Patterns

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A journal which discusses and characterises gait in terms of healthy and hemiparetic is “Characterization of gait pattern by 3D angular accelerations in hemiparetic and healthy gait”. In this journal, the study was conducted on 10 healthy subjects ( 3 females and 7 males ) and 10 hemiparetic subjects which were ranked based on how much assistance was required during a normal gait cycle. This is known as the FAC (Functional Ambulatory Category) and is built around a 5 point system. An FAC of greater than 0 was required for participation in this study. A score of one indicated that the subject required contact with at least one person when moving on a level surface to prevent falling, while a score of 5 indicated that the affected individual could move independently on flat and inclined, even and uneven surfaces. In beginning the collection of data, the subjects were fitted with 2 accelerometers on the shank and another accelerometer was placed at the joint rotation axis on the knee. The primary aim of this study is to show differences in the gait patterns of hemiparetic and healthy gait based on the angular accelerations of the thigh, shank and foot as well as to obtain information about gait phases (mid stance, swing phase, etc) through signals. Accelerations were also analysed in the frontal plane compared to …show more content…

Following this, the hemiparetic subjects walked this path at their own pace until 60m was covered in total. Barefoot walking was preferred for the study but was unavailable for all subjects due to instability in the ankles. Support in maintaining balance in hemiparetic individuals was kept to a minimum enough level so that there was no fear of falling. The healthy individuals chose a preferred leg to have to sensors fitted on, while the hemiparetic subjects had the accelerometers fitted on the most affected

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