Gambling Addiction

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“We have all learned that addiction and mental illnesses are illnesses, and I think a lot of people overlook that it is a chemical imbalance; it’s like cancer, a sickness and people need to see that.” (Poppy Delevingne). Gambling an addiction that people harm controls. Addiction is a personal feeling of discomfort which becomes to act out no a signal to connect with others; Addiction is a relationship problem. Addiction affects people and serves their lives like Angie Bachmann and Rebecca. Angie was a mother of three daughters. Her youngest daughter started kindergarten, and the other was in middle school. Angie shouldn’t overcome her addiction to gambling. Angie was unsuccessful in finding a way to stop her gambling addiction while Rebecca found her way to recover. Rebecca felt her mistake in gambling does; she decided to change her life for the better Rebeca asked the pastor to let her work in the church in her spare time instead of gambling. It managed to change her life and the left gambling and became a member of the association. There are many different reasons that Angie and Rebecca have encourages to be addicted. Problem gamblers will not control in many different ways and think they have to set skills up. Angie was bored and had free time, so she would leave the house and imagining herself going to the casino and doing something fun. According to Duhigg, “She adjusted her rules to allow for two or three hours shifts” (247). Angie was going by her choice to go to

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