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Problem / Need Identification This game app will offer a small role in supporting education. It will address needs of users that find themselves interested in an educational experience that is non time consuming, enjoyable, and entertaining. In terms of needs regarding the audience, it will likelier appeal to those who are interested in testing themselves and their knowledge, in a manner that is enjoyable and not overly serious. The game aspect (difficulty and repetition) of the app will help highlight this. Otherwise, on a general and wider branch, it will meet the needs of those who want to perhaps relinquish their boredom. When referring to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, this app will fulfill self-actualization. It will fulfill the …show more content…

On the bottom platform is where player’s character will spawn. The aim is to get your character to climb up the final platform where he can escape and finish the game. To achieve this, the player must answer a series of trivia questions (from various topics), which will appear parallel to the left and right sides of the current platform the player is standing on. The player will be able to double check and confirm their choice with a ‘lock-in’ button. Each platform will require a certain number of questions to be answered correctly before the player can advance to the one above. On the flipside, if the player answers a too many questions wrong, the platform will collapse and the character will go back down to the previous one. In the case where the player returns to the first platform and it collapses, the character will fall into a depthless pit and thus the player will lose the game (receive the game over screen). Each platform will need more questions answered right than the previous one. Failure will be less forgiving, meaning that the same rule applies to when the platform collapses, there will be less chances given when the player answers incorrectly. Main features Being part of the core game, the platform mechanic are integral to the player’s path of progression in the game. The entire dynamic where each platform has different values denoted (durability) based on position in

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