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Colossal cave adventure is the great grandfather to all adventure video games created ever. It has the luxury of being the first game to introduce an interactive narrative, while also existing as the first ever digital open world for a player to explore.

The first iteration of the game was created back in 1976, which, incidentally, was the same year that Apple was founded. Computer science was still a relatively new thing going on in the world, and the game itself was actually created by a programmer that was helping to created a precursor to the internet: ARPANET. The game used around 300 kilobytes of memory which was almost double what most programs were using on the PDP-10. The sheer amount of content that Will Crowther was able
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The players use this system in a way that is quite close to the way that a dungeon master and a player has to do in order to play dungeon and dragons. The gameplay really ends up feeling like the player is solving a puzzle to figure out what words the computer requires in order to continue on with the game.


The use of description instead of actual graphics allows the game to appear much more expansive than it actually is. Allowing the player to build up the imagery using their own sense of wonder saves on space and maximises the sense of adventure that the game is able to give off to to the player. At the time, games were very limited in their color pallets, and the amount of memory that the games were able to be stored in. The most powerful graphics could be found in arcades, where dedicated gaming cabinets held games like space invaders. While the graphics for space invaders is nothing short of iconic, there was no way a 3D adventure game could be created, especially on a non-graphics dedicated computer.

A Tale Of Two Versions

The difference in the gameplay becomes much more apparent when looking at the two versions of the game as they were released. The original Colossal Cave Adventure was created by Will Crowther, and was heavily inspired by the work that he had done as a caver previously. He based the cave in the game off of Mammoth caves, which is a cave

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