Games : A Possible Means Of Therapy

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Tabletop games; A Possible Means of Therapy
This paper was important for me to research and write because I have several disabling mental health conditions. I see many of the games mentioned later as therapeutic and I find that my mental health becomes more stable after playing tabletop games in a social setting. This is odd as my mental health prevents me from being social in many instants. The importance of mental health and ways to treat them are becoming a concern, and I wanted to find out if my experiences in gaming where studied and if others shared my views. My goal in this paper is to spark an interest in the psychiatric world to do more research on these types of games as a means of therapy or rehabilitation and show how tabletop games of many kinds, affect our mental state and produce a unique environment for mental health experiences.
Many people today see tabletop games as just games however I see them as a new means of therapy. Games like Magic the Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons are seen as tabletop games however, they are different. Role-playing games, board games, and trading card games all fall into different subcategories of tabletop gaming, Magic a trading card game; D&D a role-playing game1. Although I had planned to only talk about role-playing games, after researching and conducting interviews I found that tabletop gaming as a whole had so many similarities in their effects. The effects of gaming on mental health are now being studied more frequently as
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