Ganga Pudyel Stage 2 Analysis

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Formal Speech Stage 2 SACE Number: 596837F

I’m Ganga Poudyel came from international migrants with my family, and my beloved friends toward Australian. Everybody has aim to make for brighter future in Australian because of peaceful country rather than our country. As I hope as every day, never be hopeless by yourself because of I have also aim to make for future in students life to do something, furthermore studying in students life. While being a student, I always think optimistic to make for future and getting more knowledge from others people as well teachers at school.
In stage 1 what I did was to choose subjects with different parts of study, so even what I’m interested in stage 1 would be different subject like maths, chemistry, ESL, Biology and others. Obviously in student life, I’m quite sure I’m doing really hardworking works through different subjects with different assignments. I felt quite easily in stage1 rather than stage 2 because in year 11 not getting more assignments, so even I feel easily and glad too, but I had really decent concept in stage 11 because it goanna be relief me in stage 2 to build more effectively works through on my other complex
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Although in ESl class, I’m always doing fun with friends because of something we can talk with, even sometimes other friends asking me assignment of ESL, because of friends were absent at school during that time. I’m always part of sports at school, because we always have soccer indoor at gym on Monday and even though I can play with them and it will be so much fun to being with other friends at
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