Gardening And The Life Cycle Of A Plant

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I did my project with Taylor McNeil and we decided to focus our world on gardening. When we were assigned this project, we brainstormed some different ideas that our world could revolve around. The first idea that we had was the season of Fall. We thought that it would be a great idea to revolve our world around fall because it was the season that we are currently in but then we decided to do something different. Some of our other ideas included birthdays, recycling, and gardens. We then narrowed it down between two choices, gardening and recycling. Both of us are passionate about our environment and so these topics were extremely intriguing. We then decided that we were the most interested in gardening and selected it to be our world. Gardening is a pretty broad topic so we focussed more on the reason behind gardening and the life cycle of a plant. When looking at all the Common Core Standards there were many standards that could be incorporated into a lesson about gardening, so many that we chose six of them. The first one we chose was CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.2.1. In this standard, students would ask and answer questions demonstrating that they understand the text. A way to incorporate this into a classroom would be to ask students questions, about gardening and plants,before you read aloud a book about gardens to them. Instead of having the students answer the questions right away, have them think about these questions while you read aloud the book. After you finish reading
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