Gasoline For The Soul : Analysis

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Sharee Murphy English 4 Ms. Bellamy 16 December 2015 Gasoline for the Soul Introduction In 1859, two people: Edwin Drake and E. B. Bowditch who worked for the Seneca Oil companny drilled the very first oil well that was located in Pennsylvannia. The well produced about 500 gallons of oil a day and over time has increased. Wells that were similar to the one originally made all over the west side of Pennsylvania distributed oil and crude kerosene to different companies for various reasons. Lee R. Raymond said “The lighter boiling component, gasoline, was discarded, since it had no market. There are historical reports that waste gasoline, which had been dumped into rivers, sometimes caught fire. In 1892 the first gasoline-powered engines, for both car and tractor, were developed: This soon provided a market for the once useless substance, gasoline” (Octane Quality 2013). Gas was a lot cheaper in the 20th century compare to now which is the 21st century. Locations, places, prominent ways of transportation and how cars weren’t really needed and are part of the reason why gas was cheaper in the 20th century. History Gasoline was not invented; it is a naturally made product that petroleum industry has taken over, kerosene being the principal product. Gasoline goes through a process called “distillation”, volatile is separated, more valuable fractions of crude petroleum. However, what was made was all the new ways and numerous forms of processes needed to improve the quality of

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