The Engineer Is An Innovator And Creator Of New Products

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Having a dream is one thing, but having a strong mentality is another. People dream about being a petroleum engineer, they dream of this because a petroleum engineer is a high paying job and requires a lot of math, science, physics, and chemistry. People who love these subject and that are very good at it, will have no problem being out there and getting dirty. Engineers are people who, by the reason of their special knowledge and the use of these subjects that are required by education and experience. An engineer is a problem solver, who applies science and technology to solve the problems and meet the needs of society. The engineer is an innovator and creator of new products in a practical and economic fashion. The engineer role is to …show more content…

This is the underground rock that petroleum is taking, from the matter of plants and animals decomposed into oil during these millions of years ago. It accumulated into pools deep underground. They considered it impossible and laughed about the situation. The drilling of the first well was in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1869, and ushered in a new world wide era; the oil age. Drakes drilling operation struck oil 70 feet below the ground. After what he did, petroleum engineering was established because the drill can go below as under 6 miles and the U.S began to rely so much on oil that they started to begin schools and education. The worldwide was devised in the United States in 1914. “Don’t Hate Them Educate Them” “Don’t Hate Them Educate Them”, the majority of petroleum engineers are only required to hold a bachelor’s degree in the engineering specialty for entry-level jobs. They are some that may pursue a graduate degree for advanced research positions. High school students who want to become a petroleum engineer should take advance calculus, chemistry, earth science, computer science, English, and physics. Students should obtain good grades in order to get known in college and enter the engineering program. A petroleum engineer should attend college with an engineering program approved by the Accreditation

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