Gasoline Prices Are Many With Good Reason

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We all complain about the $4 gasoline prices -- many with good reason. Anyone who works 50 miles from home and gets 20 miles per gallon is using 5 gallons a day, or $20 just for their commute. That means they are spending $100 per week (not tax deductible) just to earn a living for their family. Across the nation, the average person uses at least 400 gallons of gasoline per year, or about 8,000 miles on an average car. At $4 per gallon, that is a hefty $133 per month for each family vehicle to run the errands that are part of each family 's life. Now that amount per month perhaps could be swallowed (remember that at $2 per gallon it was costing $67 per month per vehicle), but there are larger issues to consider. Electricity for our home is produced by generators powered by either coal or gasoline prod. Groceries are brought to their retail destination by trucks using gasoline or diesel fuel. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that at the start of 2002, the average household spent $59 a week for food, and $25 for gas. As of May 2008, that same household spends $72 a week for food (up 22%) and $83 for gas (up 232%). That translates to nearly $4300 per year for gas alone (up from roughly $2,000 in January 2006). Gone are the days of cheap gas prices. For a detailed explanation of the oil price increases, see: Can the government do anything? Before we start discussing that issue, let 's
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