Gated Communities Essay

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Introduction: 1.1 Gated communities physical and social description For over the few past decades the world has witnessed a growing gap between economic classes of a community. This clear division between rich and poor has led to major discrimination in all sorts of daily life interaction, from public transportation to housing, education, work and many more. However today a new form of social and cultural discrimination is being added to the list: the gated high fenced walls communities. These communities are physically and socially excluded from the public, creating a barrier within a larger community. Gated communities are an extreme form of housing boundaries, they are an enclosed residential subdivision, privately operated. Their access…show more content…
First off, the lifestyle community includes resort areas for people who are seeking recreational activities such as golf club, country club, etc. It provides its inhabitant with common amenities and services. Developers of such projects seek to commodify community (Hillier and McManus, 1994). The aim of these community is to create a sense of identity and belonging among the neighbors, thus living a common lifestyle. The second type of gated communities, the prestige communities are communities usually located in a wealthy and attractive locations, and are for rich and famous people who want to be socially exclusive and who are looking to portray a specific image of themselves. According to Blakely and Snyder (1997) there is three main type of prestige communities and they varies based on the degree of prosperity of its residents. Finally, the third and last type of gated communities, the Security zone, are a type of settlements that heavily emphasize on security of its inhabitants by closing streets and restricting public access in order to limit crime and traffic issues. They are usually located in the inner city
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