Gathering Around the Table

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My early memories bring back images of my family and I gathered around the white kitchen table. At that table, my mom revealed the list of potential names for my new baby brother. Manner lessons given at meal times consisted of shouts of "elbows off the table" and "stop kicking your sister", which echoed over the commotion of meals. My family and I spent dinner time bonding, finding out about each other's days, and spending a few moments together as a family before we were tucked into bed. Meals show a common tie that bonds us all; everyone eats and can relate to the experience. Many novels use this bond to portray a theme in the plot. Gathering around a table and sharing a meal can lead to friendship and a feeling of togetherness.

The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, describes a meal that brings a family together. After August's sister, May, passes away, the family breaks and morns. A simple dinner brings the group back together and their life starts to return to what it was before May's death. This regular dinner, followed by August and Lily's favorite dessert, Coke and peanuts, show that the family can move on. They each got a bag of peanuts and a bottle of ice cold Coke. Lily "[shook] the peanuts into [her] bottle, where they caused a little reaction of foam, then floated on the brown liquid. [She] drank and munched with the glory of salt and sweet in [her] mouth at the same time.”(Kidd, 492). For the family it became a turning point from grieving to living

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